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NYLX is a Mortgage Loan Product Pricing & Eligibility Engine designed for use by mortgage banking institutions. The NYLX platform helps to increase efficiency for the mortgage loan originator by allowing an originator to scrub their borrower's eligibility information against the mortgage bank's investor guidelines and current ratesheets to find the best execution price for both the borrower and the originator. Secondary Marketing and Capital Markets also benefit from the utilization of NYLX by providing buy-side and sell-side pricing and analytics, workflow automation, and enhanced Lock Desk control. The NYLX Pricing Engine is also flexible enough to fit effectively into Best Efforts and Mandatory/AOT delivery.

Commotion is a Social Media Management and Mobile Connectivity aggregator, which provides businesses with a more effective and efficient way to manage various social media streams from a single platform. Commotion combines an organization's Facebook, Twitter, Text Messages, Website, and mobile apps for iPhone and Android into one user friendly activity stream, and provides additional customizable tools to enhance and monetize your organization's social media presence. This allows the organization to communicate in real-time with its entire social media following, and all of the organization's followers can communicate with each other regardless of which social media source they are using. The numerous features and capabilities within the Commotion platform make this an industry-leading back channel technology for businesses to manage and expand their online and mobile presence.

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